What kind of support will I receive?

What kind of support will I receive?

All the help you need!

We support you in the following ways:
  1. Contact us via email at support@brightsentinel.com
  2. For people who prefer to figure things out for themselves, refer to our Help Center for in-depth articles on how to use the system
  3. For people who prefer the human touch, please contact us to book an online meeting at a time that suits you.

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    • Is there a trial period for the BrightSentinel service?

      We do not have a trial period, as you require at least one logger to use the service. We recommend that you purchase 2 subscriptions (i.e.: 2 loggers) to explore the service, without being rushed and with our full support .
    • What does a subscription include?

      The annual subscription includes: A calibrated AnnoLog logger; Its unique Calibration Certificate, with measurements at: 0, 25°C, 37.5°C and 50°C, and an uncertainty of measurement of ±0.05ºC; Access to the BrightSentinel Cloud service for analysis, ...
    • How do I calculate the number of AnnoLog loggers needed?

      The number of loggers you need is guided by what equipment and processes you need to monitor and the requirements specified by your laboratory quality management system.  Examples of some applications are: Benchtop incubators - How many incubators ...
    • What hardware do I need to communicate with the AnnoLog logger?

      To communicate with the AnnoLog logger, you need a mobile phone with Bluetooth enabled. The BrightSentinel mobile app works with: Android phones, version 10 onwards with Bluetooth 5 are supported; and Apple phones, versions 15 onwards are supported.