Place an order

Place an order

You may prefer to request a quote from us for approval by your finance department. Typically, once approved, you would send us a purchase order as confirmation. 
When we receive your purchase order, we check that we have all the information required for shipping. If we need additional information (e.g.: EORI, VAT, etc...), we'll be in touch.
Once we have all the information required, we send you an invoice for payment up frontYou will find our payment details on the invoice. If in doubt, please contact us for confirmation.
On receipt of your payment, we process and ship your order within 3 - 7 business days.
You will be contacted when your package is on its way and receive the tracking details. Please keep an eye on the tracking details as there may be delivery delays or the shipping agent may need to contact you ahead of the delivery for additional information.
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