What is the difference between a recalibration service and the BrightSentinel subscription service?

What is the difference between a recalibration service and the BrightSentinel subscription service?

Generally, re-calibration of a device to ISO17025 requires sending the device to an external laboratory, resulting in additional administration and downtime.

The BrightSentinel subscription service includes the annual replacement of the devices, all precisely calibrated to ISO17025; thus more time for you to focus on more pressing activities.

A better way with BrightSentinel
brightsentinel no recalibration downtime

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    • What is BrightSentinel's subscription period for the service?

      Each subscription lasts 12 months from the date you start using the calibrated logger. Prior to expiry of your annual subscription, you renew your subscription. We send you a new logger freshly calibrated, with its Calibration Certificate, and you ...
    • Is there a trial period for the BrightSentinel service?

      We do not have a trial period, as you require at least one logger to use the service. We recommend that you purchase 2 subscriptions (i.e.: 2 loggers) to explore the service, without being rushed and with our full support .
    • What does a subscription include?

      The annual subscription includes: A calibrated AnnoLog logger; Its unique Calibration Certificate, with measurements at: 0, 25°C, 37.5°C and 50°C, and an uncertainty of measurement of ±0.05ºC; Access to the BrightSentinel Cloud service for analysis, ...
    • Does BrightSentinel provide calibration services only?

      Rather than offer calibration services only, BrightSentinel provides an all-in-one subscription service that simplifies the adoption of precise and continuous temperature monitoring.
    • Why does BrightSentinel have an annual subscription?

      Laboratory environments need to comply with strict regulations and, typically, their quality management systems require annual re-calibration of their measurement devices. This is to minimise the risk of inaccurate measuring devices that may degrade ...